Answers To Questions About Common Problems Your Oxygen Concentrator May Encounter

15 July 2015
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There are many people that suffer from severe breathing problems, and if you are one of these people, there is a good chance that you will require an oxygen concentrator. These are portable devices that can provide you with supplemental oxygen while you are out and about. However, there are many patients that are not familiar with these devices, and as a result, they may benefit from having the following questions about routine problems these devices may encounter answered. 

Why Does The Oxygen Concentrator Produce A Musty Odor?

There may come a time when the concentrator starts to produce an unpleasant odor in the air it provides. In addition to making the device unpleasant to use, this can also lead to severe allergic reactions in some people because this odor is caused by contaminants that have made into the device. 

To correct this problem, you will need to thoroughly clean the concentrator. The exact steps for this process will vary, but you will need to clean the air filter and any other components that will come into contact with the air you're breathing. When washing these components, use dish soap to avoid damaging the device, and make sure to thoroughly rinse it before using it again, or you may breathe soap particles. 

What Is Causing It To Make Loud Grinding Sounds?

Another issue that you may notice with you oxygen concentrator is strange sounds coming from it when you are using it. Often, these sounds are in the form of a grinding or whining noise, and while your unit may not show signs of performance loss, this issue can indicate a severe problem with your unit. 

This sound can be generated from a lack of lubricant or the presence of debris around the moving parts. Unfortunately, repairing this problem will require disassembling the unit the determine the extent of the damage. Only a professional can safely perform this step without risking voiding the warranty, and for this reason, you should never attempt this work by yourself. 

If you are suffering a chronic breathing problem, an oxygen concentrator may be the best option for ensuring you are able to comfortably breathe wherever you are. While these devices are extremely convenient and durable, they may still encounter occasional problems that can prove to be disruptive. By understanding the causes and what needs to be done for musty odors and grinding sounds coming from the unit, you will be better able to get the most out of this important medical device.

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