Two Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Used Ultrasound Machine

5 February 2016
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You can find a quality ultrasound machine to meet your needs. However, this has everything to do with you. As a medical provider, you understand firsthand the importance of proper research and examination. Apply these skills when looking for a used unit. While features and price are important, these aren't the only important considerations. There are a couple of other things you want to consider that are just as important.


Prior to examining used medical equipment, review the remaining warranty on the unit. Even the most well put-together machine is at risk for an internal error or malfunction. A unit under warranty will offer at least some level of confidence that repair costs will be covered in entirety, or at least a portion. The longer the remaining warranty balance, the better.

In addition to the term, examine how comprehensive the warranty is. Take a failed transducer probe, for example. Does the warranty simply include the part being sent out to your office for you to self-install? Does it instead include delivery and install of the part to your office along with an inspection of the unit for any other potential issues? When making your selection, choose the used machine with both the longest remaining term and comprehensive services on the warranty.


For any medical office, the ideal solution would be to purchase all equipment at the same time, from the same manufacturer. This way you could ensure all the technologies work together. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true. Whether it's limited access to capital or a growing practice, some providers can't purchase everything at once. For this reason, it's important to ensure the used unit will integrate with your existing technology.

For example, when the tech completes the scan, will the machine be compatible with the desktop or tablet software you use to review scans, allowing you real-time access? Ensuring this is important because if the used equipment isn't compatible, this will have a negative effect on productivity within the office. When looking at used units, it's a good idea to bring along the name and version of any existing software or other technologies you need to be compatible with the ultrasound machine to ensure compliance.

When it comes to the warranty and integration capability of the used machine, the ultrasound retailer should be your primary source of information. Make sure you are asking the right questions to ensure you are paired with a quality used unit.