Alternative Uses For Medical Gas Hoses

21 November 2016
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Medical gas hoses are used primarily with oxygen and anesthetic gases during surgery. They are hospital grade, sterile hoses that are thick-walled and flexible so that they can easily be moved around a hospital bed or surgical table without kinking, curling or cracking (like rubber hoses). That said, their desired properties make them ideal for several other uses too. The following alternative uses for medical gas hoses may prove useful to anyone not in the medical field.

Home Brewers and Distilleries

Micro-breweries and home distilleries need hoses which can conduct fermentation gases and vapors away from their brews. While you could use just about any functional hoses, these hospital grade, medical hoses provide a very sterile environment for moving fermentation gases and vapors out of your stills. The sterile hoses prevent additional accumulation of bacteria in the stills and tanks. It also will prevent that bacteria from affecting both the process and the taste of the brews and distilled spirits.

Replacement Lines for Propane and Natural Gas Delivery Systems

You can use medical gas hoses as replacement hoses for your propane and natural gas delivery systems too.

Applications for this use include:

  • Replacement hoses for gas grills
  • Replacement hoses for gas delivery to your furnace
  • Replacement hoses for gas delivery to your water heater (if you have a gas-powered water heater)

Because of the thickness, strength and leak-proof qualities of the medical hoses, it makes them ideal for any other type of gas delivery system.

Veterinary Irrigation Tubing

Even though some aspects of some medical gas hoses are more metallic than others, you can still use some of these hoses for veterinary irrigation and drainage. The hoses can be cut to fit any wound in any animal, and provide a drainage tube for pus, lymph and other fluids that build up around a wound. Because they are surgically sterile, they cannot cause any infection--only alleviate it. The tubing lends itself well to wound irrigation too. A section of the hose inserted into the wound can be flushed with sterile saline or water, and then released into an emesis dish or specimen dish.

Replacement Hoses on Pressure Washer Systems

Pressure washers require tough, durable hoses that can sustain continuous streams of hot water and cleansers under intense pressure. The hoses also have to be quite flexible so that they can move from location to location without kinking or curling. If you need to replace the hoses on a pressure washer system, and you want to replace them with something that will really last and be quite strong; medical gas hoses can do that.

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