Steps New CPAP Patients Should Take

4 November 2021
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Many individuals will regularly experience breathing problems when they are sleeping. To combat these problems, individuals can use a CPAP machine to help them breathe while they are sleeping. However, new patients may have a difficult time adjusting to using this system if they are not prepared and informed.

Properly Fit Your CPAP Mask to Your Face

One of the more common assumptions that people will have about wearing a CPAP mask is that it will be uncomfortable and make it difficult for them to sleep. In reality, this is not the case as a properly fitted CPAP mask can be very comfortable for the wearer. Many individuals may quickly come to forget that they are even wearing this mask when they are going to sleep. However, it can take a few minutes and tries before you have the CPAP mask properly fitted to your face.

Clean The CPAP System Regularly

A common mistake that can be made with CPAP systems is that the user may fail to clean them on a frequent enough basis. This can lead to large amounts of bacteria collecting on the equipment, which can lead to the user developing respiratory illnesses. Keeping the CPAP system clean is not difficult as most systems will be easily disassembled so that the various components can be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning the CPAP system, you should make sure that you are using cleaning agents that are designed for use with a CPAP machine. Otherwise, corrosive cleaning agents may damage some of the components, which could prevent the machine from working as effectively or reliably as you had expected.

Keep Spare CPAP Parts And Accessories 

For the best results, it is important to make sure that you are wearing the CPAP machine each night when you go to sleep. Unfortunately, parts of the CPAP system could suffer damage or become too worn to provide effective results for the person wearing the system.

To prevent these problems from preventing you from wearing this mask, you should keep CPAP components and accessories in storage so that any faulty components can be quickly replaced. In particular, you should keep replacement masks and hoses available as these can be two of the components that will need to be replaced the most frequently due to the wear that they will sustain each night. If you would like to learn more, contact companies that sell CPAP accessories.