Chair Lift Selection And Installation: Things To Know

18 April 2022
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If you or a loved one have developed mobility problems, it's in your best interest to evaluate all of the possible options to simplify things. If you live in a multi-story home, mobility issues become a more urgent concern. You'll need to make sure that you consider every aspect of your condition, including modifications to help you safely navigate the stairs. Chair lifts are a viable option for this if you're not in a position to install an elevator or sell your home to move into a single-story property. Here's a look at what you need to know before you install a chair lift.

Know The Weight Limits

Every chair lift is rated for a clearly defined maximum weight limit. Make sure that you understand the weight rating of any model you think of installing. That way, you can moderate the use of the lift and avoid having excess weight on it. It's tempting, especially if you have children or teens, for everyone to want to play on the lift. Don't let them do so, as this could exceed the maximum weight limit.

Consider The Controls

Depending on your mobility issue, you'll also have to give careful consideration to the controls for your chair lift. If you're able to use a built-in chair on the lift, the controls are usually hand controls attached to the chair. If, however, you are in a wheelchair, you'll have to have a control panel mounted to the platform. Think about what's going to be the most effective solution for your situation and choose your chair lift accordingly.

Choose Professional Installation

When you invest in a chair lift for your home, you'll also have some choices to make in terms of installation. While you might think that you and your loved ones can install the chair lift over a weekend, it's actually far safer for you to have the system installed by a professional. Professional installation ensures stability, security, and adequate functionality in the system. In addition, professional installation typically comes with a warranty of some form, which is beneficial as well, particularly in the event of future complications.

These are some of the most important things to know about chair lifts for your home. Talk with a supplier near you today to learn more details, explore your options, and schedule the installation that you need. That way, you can retain as much of your independence as possible, even in the face of mobility challenges.