3 Types Of Digital X-Ray Machines To Consider For Your Medical Facility

23 July 2021
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When your hospital or medical facility is choosing one or more digital x-ray machines, the options and features can be overwhelming. There are three types of x-ray machines you should consider for your facility to allow for the most versatility in imaging. Adjustable Arm Whether your facility can only have one digital x-ray machine, which may be the case at a doctor's office, or you want multiple machines like those located in a hospital, an x-ray machine with an adjustable arm is critical for imaging flexibility. Read More 

Aquafacials Leading The Way To Better Looking Skin

26 April 2021
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When it comes to skincare and what options are available, many people find it confusing because there limitless products on the market. Professional solutions are also available. Some individuals are leery of getting cosmetic treatments due to fears of pain. There are others who have concerns regarding the effectiveness of treatments and whether they will have downtime after certain procedures. Aquafacials are an innovative option for correcting a variety of skin issues. Read More